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Telescript is a professional teleprompter hardware and software company. We make the hardware and software we sell.

Our systems can be found all over the world. Prompting professionals turn to us because of our commitment to quality and our attention to detail is unmatched. 

Our systems are durable, lightweight, precision designed, and can fit your specific needs.


Our Products

In Studio

Studio Line of Teleprompters

View our full line of prompters for in-studio use. From news rooms, talk shows, or live action, our prompters will keep talent on script.

Learn more about our Studio line of teleprompters.

On Location

Fold and Go

 Light weight options for DSLR and field cameras. The talent can focus on delivery while the crew easily operates without large overhead in equipment.

Learn more about our portable teleprompter options

On Stage

Stage Presentation Systems

Corporate presentations, music acts, and any live presentation can benefit from Telescript teleprompters.

View our stage systems



Professional software for any application no matter what your experience level. 

Telescript West for our Professional Prompting Software


Travel Case

 Extra parts and items to keep your Telescript systems running.

View accessories and add-ons